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Assistance during the Italian fabric and yarn fairs - Sourcing and research - Product and sample development - Placement of production orders to suppliers - Quality control and planning - Handling of shipments.


Although we describe ourselves as an agency, we do not sell products but offer you services. Our strength lies in offering services tailored to the particular needs of each client.

Our firm was founded in the mid-1980's as as subsidiary of an important international group. Its staff consists of Italian, German and Danish nationals, each specialized in a particular kind of product. Over this period, we provided the mother company of the following services: sourching and research of fabric and yarns, development of collections, purchasing, production follow up, quality control, planning and shipments. This for all the following categories: knitwear, jeanswear, formalwear, accessories such as scarfs, belts, ties stockings and hats; for both menswear and womenswear. In July 2000, the firm reorganized as an independent agency offering its services no longer to a single company but also to other clients.

Via del Macello, 33
06128 - Perugia (PG) - Italy
Tel. +39 075 5008399
Fax +39 075 5153016